South Florida Surveying Inc.

Surveying and Mapping

Ordering Surveying Services

It is important when ordering surveying services to have as much information for the surveyor as you can.  The information that the surveyor would like to have is the following:

Legal Description of the property (Lot and block or recorded deed),

Purpose of the survey (Bank draw, closing, design for addition, etc.) can affect the final deliverable.

Title work when available (required for ALTA surveys)

Address of the property

If a FEMA certificate for flood insurance purposes is required, please advise so one can be provided.

Certification required with names to be included such as owner, purchaser, lender, attorney, law firm, and title insurer.

Other site specific criteria that you wish to include on a survey.

Order Surveying Services

To order surveying services from South Florida Surveying Inc. please send your requests to: 

We will provide proposals with costs per your request.